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UAV Camera manufacturers
Drone 30x zoom SMT30HT
SMT30HT is a 30x optical zoom camera which integrates high-precision 3-axis stabilizer and automatic tracking. It adopts high-precision FOC encoder and it is characterized by high stability, small size, light weight, and low power consumption. The visible light camera has 4,000,000 effective pixels and supports HD video recording by storing data at 1080P, 30 fps and 720P, 60 fps in local TF card.
The high-magnification aerial drone is very demanding in many fields, and the zoom lens can provide powerful long-distance image capturing capability. For example, surveillance of illegal vehicles, inspection of electric power, wind power, communication base stations, etc., as well as fire, emergency rescue and other fields, high-power zoom drones can also play a powerful role.
Key Features
&#9679; 30X visible light, optical zoom
&#9679; Integrated image recognition algorithm
&#9679; Feature object tracking
&#9679; 3-axis stabilization cloud platform
&#9679; FOC control scheme
&#9679; 1080P HDMI output
&#9679; Support for local TF card storage
1.The lens of the pod is an important optical component. During installation and use, avoid oil stains and various chemical substances and damage the lens surface. After use, please use a special lens cloth to clean the lens surface, and also pay attention to the storage. Take good protective measures.
2. When not in use for a long time, the function should be energized every week. The function, mechanical interface and electrical interface of the product should be inspected every half month. The lens should be cleaned and the product should be thoroughly inspected every month.
SpecificationsUAV Camera manufacturers

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