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China Wall Plug
About Us

Sers Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd is a large thermal insulation auxiliary material enterprise. we are factory which located in Liaoning province. Our main products are: insulation nails, alkali-resistant mesh, angle, plastic wall plug, nylon anchor, etc..
In 2014,a new factory was built, covering an area of 1000sqm. The heat preservation nail production reached 500 million sets, the alkali-resistant mesh reaches 20 million square. The annual output value is 10 million USD.
We have 10 technicians, 2 senior engineers, 10 sales team. The Product performance is stable, export to Korea, Russia, Japan, the United States and other countries.

&#9670; Our Advantages
&#9679; Use Original material, not recycle material, strong, long life.
&#9679; Product meet with JG standard, not off-standard

Fast Delivery
&#9679; Custom Sample: 2-4 days
&#9679; DHL express: 3-2-5days
&#9679; Bulks ship by sea, 15-25days
&#9679; Bulks Production: 3-7days

Cost Effective
&#9679; We are factory, arrange production more effective.
&#9679; Our factory located in insulation material center in China.
&#9679; We continue investing to have high yield and technologies in production

Service and Support
&#9679; We work together with our customers to design products.
&#9679; Over 90% quotations and inquiries replied within 12 hours
&#9679; Offer available insulation system idea.

Exhibition of Building material Exhibition of Building material

Insulation nail assembly machine

alkali-resistant mesh machine

&#9670; Products show:

Heat insulation nails
Plastic expand plug
Insulation fiberglass mesh

Internal corner bead
Internal corner bead

Internal corner bead
Internal corner bead China Wall Plug

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