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Women Suit Raincoat suppliers
Our History
Shenzhen Lideming Technology Co., Ltd was established in March 2006,the headquarters is located in Shenzhen City, the detailed address is in the centre of Longhua , Baoan District, where the economy is booming. In 2009, from 500 square meters expanded to 2000 square meters, the number of employees has been expanded to 100.In 2014, the company was expanded from the domestic market to foreign markets. Products are sold throughout the world, including the United States and Japan. In 2016, the company introduced 50 sets of pure mechanized production, so the output was increased and one person operated one machine. In 2017, the first branch factory was established in Tongling City, Anhui Province, with a site area of 30,000 square meters and the number of employees expanded to 300.With strong strength and professional technical strength, made the company is in a leading position in the industry.

Our Factory
Shenzhen Lideming Technology Co., Ltd located in the centre of Longhua , Baoan District, where the economy is booming, is close to Meiguan expressway. The company is a sole proprietorship enterprise specializing in the production of shoe cover machines and a series of plastic products, non-woven products, home textiles daily necessities processing, export-oriented. Over the years, the factory has won the support of our customers, and has accumulated rich experience in the production and marketing of shoe cover machines and plastic products (bath hats), home textile daily products processing and non-woven products.

Our Product
Our main products are: series 1: shoe covers, automatic umbrella sets. Series 2: plastic products (PE shower cap, PE raincoat, PVC raincoat).Series 3: non-woven products: various specifications and colors. Series 4: non-woven round cap, 15-30 grams, non-woven shoes and so on. The above four types of products can be chosen by our customers.

Product Application
1, high-grade residential: villas, real estate model rooms, duplex houses, more guests visit families
2, Medical and health department: hospital (B Ultrasound room, operating room, CT room), drugs, and health products production workshop
3, Communications industry: computer machine room (China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, IT industry, etc.)
4,Education department: computer rooms in various departments of colleges and universities, laboratories, primary and secondary school room
5,Transportation system: civil aviation computer room, railway computer room, and luxury sleeper carriage.
6. People who work outdoors on rainy days, such as: forestry, fishery, construction sites, cleaning workers, etc.

Our Certificate

Production Equipment

Production Market
The company has advanced production equipment, mainly including edge wrapping machine, sealing machine and high frequency machine. Products are exported to Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the United States, France, Britain and European countries, all are in line with international environmental standards.
Our customers are: Coca-Cola (raincoat U.S. version), Happy Valley (raincoat), Adidas (vest raincoat Germany version), Kanghui travel agency(outdoor raincoat), Window of the World (raincoat), Huawei (shoe cover), OCT east (rainwear) , Beijing-hyundai auto(car poncho), Foxconn (shoe covers, Taiwan version), China railway construction (working wear raincoats).

Our service
Pre-sales: tell customers exactly how to distinguish the quality and price of products in advance, so that customers can purchase the products at the right price according to their own willing.
Sales: correctly guide customers to choose the right product. Due to different customers have different shopping purpose, so the customer service personnel must correctly guide the customer to choose the right product, order, timely production and delivery.
After-sale: if there is a problem during transportation or use, we can provide replacement or return service according to your actual evidence. Otherwise, after using such as unintentional damage or other causes of damage, but the quality of goods is still good, also in the warranty period can contact the manufacturer or go to warranty place for further repair.Women Suit Raincoat suppliers

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