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The main parameters
Flow Rate : 6855~84852 kg/h
Speed : 3000~20000 r/min
Compression ratio : 6.7~32.1

Technical characteristics
The design, manufacture and test etc. of products are in full compliance with API standards. Advanced aerodynamic optimization design of ammonia compressor achieving high efficiency and wide range of operating conditions.
Rotor assembly is equipped with tilting - pad bearings and adopted dynamic analysis and optimization design of rotor assembly to ensure reliable and stable operation .
Standard series design of main components like shell&#12289;bearing body flowing parts and impeller, ensuring reliable quality.
Axial displacement and radial vibration monitoring device ensure stable and reliable operation, protection and maintenance.
Optimized anti-surge control circuit and database on the liquid control to ensure the safe operation of compressor.

Products are widely used in 180,000~1,350,000 ton/ year of synthetic ammonia plant, 200,000~1,200,000 tons / year of methanol plant, 300,000~2,400,000 tons / year of urea plant and other coal Chemical and Petrochemical Industry process.Compressor

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