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China Xenon Aging Test Chamber
Xenon lamp accelerated aging test machine
Basic Principle
The xenon lamp accelerated aging test machine is an important means of screening formula and optimizing product composition in scientific research and production process. It's also an important content of product quality inspection. Weatherability test is required by product standards of applied materials such as coatings, plastics, aluminium-plastic sheets, and automobile safety glass.
The main factors causing material aging are sunshine and humidity. The weatherproof test box can simulate the hazards caused by sunshine, rainwater and dew. Xenon lamp can sumulate the effects of sunshine, condensation humidity can simulate rainwater and dew. The tested material is placed in a cycle program of alternating light and moisture at a certain temperature to measure.
It takes days or weeks to reproduce the hazards of months or even years outdoors. The data of accelerated aging test can help to select new materials, modify existing materials, and evaluate how changes in formulations affect the durability of products.
Customized type xenon aging chamber
New design xenon aging machine
Meet Standards
Complying with GB&#37421;&#26129; 2423.24-1995, GB&#37421;&#26129; 16422.2, GB9344, GB&#37421;&#26129; 1865-97, ASTM G 155-04A and other national standards.
Composition Structure
Sealing: Double-layer high temperature and high-tension sealing strip is used between door and box to ensure the sealing of test area.
Door handles: Non-reaction door handles, easy to operate.
Sample holder movement mode: Sample holder moves up and down by means of linear reciptocating drive system at the bottom of the installation box.
Casters: High-quality fixed PU movable wheels are used at the bottom of the machine.
The purpose of cold and heat shock test is achieved by using vertical body and two boxes of cold and heat, and by changing the test area with basket. This structure minimizes the heat load during cold and heat shock, shortens the temperature recovery time, and is also the most reliable and energy-saving way of cold and heat shock.
Temperature humidity controller
Great FOOTMATER brand casters
Different types of the xenon fixtures.
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