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wholesale 24v Dc Fridge Compressor
Our History
Shareholders of two factories, and obtained the agent sales qualification for the benchmark enterprise in the HVAC industry.
Our Factory
We manufacture motors and fans major used in heating, ventilation, refrigeration and other home appliance.
Our Product
Motor, Fan, Compressor
Product Application
Air conditioning, ventilation , refrigeration, other home appliance
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Winding machine, injection machine ,CMM, air flower tester, Dynamometer
Production Market
Products are exported to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and the Middle East.
Why Choose Us
Strength: More than 10 engineers in factory, any problems would solve timely.
Quality: High standards of quality, and technical support after service.
Professional: Customized service, Industry knowledge consulting service,samples testing support.
Service: Well-trained and experience staff will answer all your questions with fluent English.
wholesale 24v Dc Fridge Compressor

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