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Customized Shaft Hoisting Resources
Skip and cage guide roller brackets are used to install roller assembly for side wheel. It is composed of swing arm assembly, base assembly, bearing, sealing, connecting ear and other components.
Both skip and cage guide roller bracket adopt interference fit of reaming hole and precision pin shaft, and the combination of bearing and seal is installed in swing wear-prone position. In order to solve the criticism that side wheel cantilever installation is not properly loaded and bracket is easy to be wiped, we designed two different anti-torsion forms by reducing the force arm (left figure) and increasing the contact area of bearing (right figure), which completely solved the criticism that side wheel bracket is easy to be wiped, and avoided maintenance in the course of use, so that it is larger. It greatly improves the service life of the whole machine and reduces the labor intensity of the workers. The anti-dumping setting of the swing arm can prevent the safety accidents caused by the forward tilt of the swing arm.
Customized Shaft Hoisting Resources

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